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Lesley Wexler

Lesley Wexler is a designer/artist, entrepreneur, writer, philoso-rapper,  intuitive, certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher, energy reader, and Akashic  Records channel. She calls herself an “Inspirational Muse” and through her company Heart Above™ loves to assist others to “co-create in light”.

Lesley is also a Brand Marketing Strategist. Her company aha!, Inc. Design has serviced businesses both small and large for over 20 years. Lesley uses her skills as a Visual Architect to help build brands for companies and products.

Lesley is a visionary at Project Positive Change, an organization whose membership is full of heart-filled entrepreneurs with aspirations to make this world a better place.


The Horse Whisperer

The Horse Whisper I recently attended my 40th-grade school reunion. It was a 3-day extravaganza. One of the activities took place at Arlington Race Track. I hadn’t been there since they replaced most tellers with automatic betting machines. I’m not much of a gambler and it was an unpleasantly hot day, but despite this, I …