Two Norwegian Pines

When my oldest, Jimi, was 13 months old we moved into a nice house with a nice school. The yard was lovely, and the house backed up to the soccer fields and a grassy berm, covered with a mixture of foliage.

In our yard, we had Norwegian Pines, varieties of Blue Spruce, Lilac trees, and other lovely plants and bushes. Seasonally, I loved to look out the window. I would hug my trees, listen to the birds, and I would sit on the porch hammock and watch the bats and fireflies. My second born Jasper would hang there with me, and we would watch the birds at dusk, fly across the yard and ready for the night. Then the bats would emerge and keep the mosquito population down.

The two Norwegian Pines we had, housed many hawks, robins, squirrels, and blackbirds, etc. I even remember the Woodpecker knocking on the tree trunks many times. Deer, coyote, and foxes use to frequent our backyard.

Those two Norwegian Pines would shelter wind, give us privacy, and make a home for many creatures. One time when I asked my lineage about my path, a hawk flew right behind my head and landed in one of those Norwegian Pines. It squawked as if to say, “Pay attention to your intuition and Mother Nature!” This hawk and his clan dropped 4 hawk feathers, one for each of my family members. It was a blessing and an answer to my question.

Recently, we lost both of those Norwegian Pines. I cried and asked Mother Nature, “What could I have done to save those pines?”

I began to realize that their symbolism was parallel to the loss of my parents. My parents died within a year of each other.  The same happened here to these trees. One showed signs of dying, while the other looked healthy. But then suddenly, they both began to wither.

The evening before we lost the trees, I hugged them and talked to them, and they said, “We were meant to live together, and meant to die together. We will go on to help the other trees in your yard, and then settle in another place together.” It reminded me of my parents. While they are not here physically anymore, they are here energetically, in order to help me. I know that, as I speak to them all the time. Those trees taught me that there are things in life you cannot control, and sometimes we have to let-go. In this case, it was about letting go of the physical presence of my parents and I learned this through these trees.

It was this conversation with the trees, that help me realize how connected we were and how full of wisdom nature was, in that they found a way to my heart by communicating in my language, what I needed to know in order to let-go. When I lost their physical being, it was very much like losing a person. It was comforting to know about existence beyond, but I still missed their purpose in life in a physical way, as it was attached to my heart.

It is spring now, and we replanted two lovely Swiss Pines. I feel their love and their new life. The other day, one tree spoke to me, “Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life. I’m so glad to be here.”  I will never forget my friends the Norwegian Pines, and I will never forget my parents in their physical form, but I know now that our two new additions will bring love to our yard, nature, and our hearts. And, I also know that the two Norwegian Pines and my parents are here for my family, with their heart above.


Lesley Wexler,