What is telepathy? How does it work?

If we were all aware of our abilities to communicate in other ways, I wouldn’t need to write about telepathy. You would all already know. 😉

The simplest definition I can think of for telepathy is that it is the connection, in the present moment, with a person or people. It can be symbiotic or harmonic, but not always.

A lot of people think that telepathy has to do with conversing in the head with words. While telepathy can come with words, there are other types of communications that work efficiently, especially in a relationship or team that aims at combining efforts for the greater good.

The other day, my two sons had a connection. We were driving in the car and my oldest was thinking to himself about how he hates most Christmas songs, and my youngest started singling a Christmas song as if to tease him. Ah, brotherly love! I decided I was going to test my youngest and asked him to think of a number from 1 to 10. He got every guess right.

Later that evening, I was painting a picture for his room and he asked, “Could you paint an animal on that painting?” He gave me four choices and told me to surprise him. I visually saw a bunny. I was tempted to create a hummingbird first but thought it would be better on another painting. When my son came in to see the painting, I asked him what he thought I was going to paint. He said that he thought it was either going to be a hummingbird or a bunny.

The day before, my family all gathered in my youngest bedroom to finalize the plans. I thought to myself, “I need to turn that lampshade a bit to hide the seam.” Just then, my husband turned the lampshade.

I know these things seem mundane, but what is happening right now is my family is coordinating efforts to redecorate rooms. When we work with common goals, to better our surroundings, we have a symbiotic relationship that works towards the common good.

How does telepathy work?

We are all conduits and projectionists. Knowing this can help us understand how communication can lead to a harmonic situation. We can communicate visually, emotionally, knowingly, energetically, musically, and with memory and words. If recognized, our human bodies show us through the mind, physicality, and energetically, how to feel and communicate. In other words, when we have a mind, body, and spirit connection, our path and in combination with others reveals itself.

So, how does one consciously understand language beyond spoken or written word? I think it comes with confirmation and the realization that knowing people bring this together. Also, we recognize why we find the urge to do something, not just for ourselves, but for others. We have to realize that our mind is a conduit and an extension of our bodies. Bringing this Universal connection down to Earth is a big challenge for us humans, but when seen in the connection with love, it works quite well.

Telepathy is not always harmonic. Sometimes hearing words, having gut feelings, etc. are a means of protection from danger, or a means of telling others that they need to stop projecting their emotions. The projection comes in the way of energy (feelings) and words (thoughts). How we project ourselves consciously or unconsciously, does affect others.

So, what is telepathy?

It is a communication beyond sound or cognitive reading. It is about communicating feelings and thoughts without hindrance. It is about establishing boundaries and understandings. It is about communication from the higher self, for the greater good.


Lesley Wexler, heartabove.net