How Nature Teaches Us Lessons

I often speak about totem symbolism and how animals send us messages. Today I felt like speaking about how nature can disrupt our homes, and what those messages can reveal. In the past, my family has personally dealt with all sorts of natural disruptions like mice, hornets, and ants.

If you have ever had a mouse problem, then you will understand when I say, you have to fix the issue at the source or it will not go away. This spacial violation symbolizes infiltration of boundaries, not only in the home but outside of the home. Establishing boundaries is about establishing personal power. If you ignore the situation, the issue will eventually present itself in a big way and it will be hard to ignore.

There are other meanings that creatures can teach us, but I have a desire to talk about water and flooding. My family has had some fairly major flooding damage in the basement, due to flash floods. We were going to jump into reconstructing based an inspection, and then our gut feeling was to hold back a bit. We needed to dig a bit deeper and make sure there wasn’t larger issue beneath the surface.

As a result, my husband cut through the drywall, only to uncover deeper issues. Right now we are taking it slow, even though this disaster has taken over our main floor, as we ready for out-of-town guests and the new school year.

So, what does this water disaster teach us? Water is a symbol of emotions, and if you don’t address your emotions, they will present themselves. Tensions have been a bit high in our house, but as a result of the flood, we came together as a family to make the most of it. You can either see the fight in the moment or the flight or opportunity. You can see the gratitude in the moment or the disharmony.

What I realized is that disaster happened at the right moment. I know, what disaster ever happens at the right moment? I say this because it happened right before we furnished the basement, and right after we secured some boxes in our crawl space. In other words, it could have been worse. We also were fortunate that we didn’t have more than a few inches.  Some people in town had several feet. So, gratitude plays a big role in acceptance.

This issue below the surface helped us to let go of things and simplify our efforts for future. It helped us to realize that there is no quick fix, and patience is needed not only in an emotional sense but during the effort to bring harmony back to our home.

So, next time nature encroaches upon your space, take some time to understand the deeper meaning. I guarantee that it will not only help with the situation at hand but send you a much-needed message.


Lesley Wexler,