I Have a Dream…

I have a dream that all living beings will one day live on a planet where they will not be judged by their species but by the content of their innate being.

Those of you who have read my past blogs know that my garden experiences always lead me to communicate with nature, particularly wasps. I have been stung and shouted at by the fiercest of drones. They have made me listen. From our communications, I have gained not only understanding but respect.

It had been a while since I ventured into the garden to do some needed maintenance. I always make it a habit to ask for permission when I step into a floral or foliage area.

Just as I entered the garden, a bug ran into my head and said, “My apologies, you turned unexpectedly.” 

I replied, “No need to apologize. No harm done.”

Now, you may be wondering how a bug speaks English. I don’t have all the answers, but I suspect that some loving spirit is helping us to communicate with each other. However, I don’t think communications have to come with words. I think telepathy gets easier the more you trust.

After I tackled the zen part of the garden, I decided to sit in on a stepping stone in my favorite little spot. Just as I sat down, a wood bee started buzzing around my ears. My past instinct would be to swoosh it away, but then I remembered that I could talk to it.

I telepathically asked, “Do I have permission to sit here?

The bee said, “Oh! You are talking to me?”

He said this like he was not used to humans communicating with him.

“Yes,” I said. “You can go about your business. I just want to relax and enjoy the view. We can share the space.”

After the bee and I spoke, four of his friends joined him on the bush no more than two feet in front of me. They diligently worked as if I was not there. I found it fascinating that they found something useful on branch stubs that no longer spouted life.

In the past, I would have gotten up and ran. The instinct was still hidden beneath the surface, but this time I felt oddly calm. It’s like fear was a habit, not a feeling. It was a great present moment to sit harmoniously with what I once deemed as angry and harmful. It felt serene.

It occurred to me that if I could be friends with bees and wasps, I could be friends with almost anyone. However, it might take some listening on my part. It is with this act of respect that harmonious existence begins. This experience taught me that I don’t have to fear the worst anymore.

It would have never occurred to me that listening to the wasps and bees would open up a line of communication and respect. I guess that someone or something had to take the first step.

Fear is the wall that keeps us all from experiencing a wonderful feeling together here on this Earth.

May the force be with you and those you fear.

Lesley Wexler, heartabove.net