Usui Reiki

Usui Reiki is a technique developed by Dr. Mikao Usui, who was a 19th-century professor of theology who studied both Christian and Buddhist religions. His quest was to find answers about successes in self-healing.

The Japanese word Reiki /rākē/, translated as “universal life energy”, is a self-healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy to the client by means of touch or by hovering. This activates the natural healing process of the body and restores physical and emotional well-being. A person’s torso has major energy centers that start at the top of the head and finish at the base of the spine. In Sanskrit, these energy centers are called chakras and represent physical, energetic, and emotional reality. Each chakra is associated with different organs up and down the spine.

The expression that some scientists use, “everything is energy” explains how we as humans, connect with our surroundings and how we cause or receive energy. It’s really up to the individual to recognize cause and effect. Reiki energy, from the source of divine love, is said to have an intelligence of its own and goes where it is needed. With the realization that emotions evoke energy, one can understand how love works miracles; love of the self and for others. 

The benefits of Reiki are only restricted by the boundaries of self-belief. It is given in love and received for the purpose of starting on the path to self-awareness and healing. A Reiki practitioner is not only there to send an energetic life force, but is there to assist with the understanding of one’s potential, by recognizing blockages in the process. Among other things, a session or sessions can pave the way for emotional release, needed relaxation, and/or a higher understanding of the self and the greater good. This process has the potential to promote healthy life choices and purpose in life.

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