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Events, Workshops, Groups, or Party Offerings:

Answers Within — Learn how to tap into your inner guru, trust your instincts, and discover ways that the Universe speaks to you. In this workshop, you will learn about the different types of intuition along with methods used to understand those communications.

The Child within, A Fairy Story — Find out what fairy attribute you are with a profile survey that taps into the magic within your essence. Learn how to create intentions through fairy gardens, and create a handmade terrarium. Bring your inner child out to play by creating magic in a scenic photo. It’s sure to be a lot of fun, as well as a moment to figure out how to bring magic back into your life.

Group Akashic Healing — Gather for this healing experience in meditation and intention prayer. Through a guided session, learn how to ask and receive questions from the Universe, the divine, and your lineage. Come away with a renewed comfort that you are surrounded by light, and all you need do is tap into the love for answers in the present moment.

Rock the Chakras — Learn about the different energy centers or Chakras and how these relate to both physical and metaphysical aspects of the self. Learn how these centers, when blocked, can cause emotional blockages in your life, and how to recognize and find solutions through these walls.

Surviving Yourself, Surviving Business, through Kinetic-Konnections™Whether you work for someone else or own a business, it can be a very stressful and unfulfilling experience. Through Kinetic-Konnections™, find ways to tap into yourself, reassess your goals,  streamline your business and your life, and learn the art of letting go. The only business that matters is the business of a happy life. Find the kinetic energy that allows your dreams to come alive with ease.

Individual Readings — Hosting a party or event? Hire Heart Above™ to provide entertainment through individual readings for those seeking inspiration or guidance.

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