A Way Out of Suffering

Sometimes bad things just happen. In these situations, there are several choices. We cannot always change what happens, but we can change how we react to it, and what lessons we learn from it.  If we don’t, it can lead to more suffering.

Suffering is hard to define and measure. History Illustrates how lives are entangled in patterns of suffering. Society and circumstance sometimes push for control, which can lead to suffering. Disease, injury and the death of loved ones can all lead to suffering.  When someone acts or reacts without understanding or with thoughtless action, it can lead to suffering. Even when we suffer, our suffering can lead to other people suffering. There are many circumstances that lead to suffering.

When we suffer in any particular situation, does the aftermath lead us to fight or to find flight?

In other words, do we hold onto the fight, or do we see the higher meaning and the opportunity for the experience? When we ask ourselves about higher meaning, it opens up the ability to recognize that in every suffering there is a gift. The gift can help us understand ourselves and others, and can help us live a better and more loving life.

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