How Nature Teaches Us Lessons

I often speak about totem symbolism and how animals send us messages. Today I felt like speaking about how nature can disrupt our homes, and what those messages can reveal. In the past, my family has personally dealt with all sorts of natural disruptions like mice, hornets, and ants.

If you have ever had a mouse problem, then you will understand when I say, you have to fix the issue at the source or it will not go away. This spacial violation symbolizes infiltration of boundaries, not only in the home but outside of the home. Establishing boundaries is about establishing personal power. If you ignore the situation, the issue will eventually present itself in a big way and it will be hard to ignore.

There are other meanings that creatures can teach us, but I have a desire to talk about water and flooding. My family has had some fairly major flooding damage in the basement, due to flash floods. We were going to jump into reconstructing based an inspection, and then our gut feeling was to hold back a bit. We needed to dig a bit deeper and make sure there wasn’t larger issue beneath the surface.

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