Don’t Work So Hard

“Lass, whit haes a bawherr dandelion ever dane tae ye? Throw some leaves in a bucket ‘n’ hae yersel’ some supper.”

If you have read any of my other blogs you know that the garden inspires me to write, and lately, so does the T.V. show “Outlander”. It’s not a perfect garden and requires a lot of sweat and grind, but it’s our garden, my family’s, and mine. 

At first glance, I noticed all the things I let go, like weeds, the property issue behind our land, and the wasp nests from last year. Things need repairs, like the deck which has thorns of its own, or the screened porch that allows varmints and insects to picnic with us. It reminded me of how permanence was not something you can easily afford with money or time.

The first thing I did was get out my phone and video some new issues with the property management behind us. Yes, I took my day off after a hard month’s work to work some more. I say this defensively, as my angels have been repeating this message over and over, “You don’t have to work so hard.”

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Life is a Garden

My mother loved her garden. I remember when she passed on, at the funeral, I showcased her garden angels and a photo album titled Dotty’s Garden.

I was never a big gardener. In fact, at college, when my cactus, Buford, petrified, word got around. People from far reaches of the dormitory brought their dying plants in hopes that my green thumb could assist them. 

When we moved into our current house, we were blessed with a beautiful backyard garden that the previous owners landscaped. My husband fell in love, and so did I. 

A few years ago, a backyard flood destroyed our garden and our basement. It was caused by surrounding properties. To me, the flood represented how things take over and encroach upon our lives. Sometimes it is not easy to rise above those situations. It takes work.

While we had to rebuild our basement, lost a few trees, and weeds took over our garden, we solved the crux of the problem. The local government fixed the situation. 

Presently, we have taken pride in this effort by slowly managing our backyard. It was not easy, and with each season, there were more challenges. You see, the garden represents life. 

I always ask myself, am I managing and nurturing my garden (life)?

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Sit Down and Listen!

In one of my past blogs, I spoke about how I learned what happens when you explore dark crevices in your garden. You sometimes get stung. 

Yesterday, I started pulling some weeds out of my garden, and a wasp started dive-bombing me. As he buzzed past my ear, I said, “Why can’t you just see that I’m not going to disturb your home? I just want to pull weeds.” 

I started to look around for the wasps’ home. It was last fall that I demolished a big hive that grew under a wooden stump in my garden. As I pondered, I could hear the wasp start to rally up the troops. I spoke to the leader, “We have to establish some boundaries here. I’m just trying to maintain my home.” 

The wasp spoke, “You took away our home.”

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