Give Imperfection a Hug

I was so excited to be a guest blogger on with Elina Puohiniemi from Finland. She is such a talented artist, and is a great influence in my life! Check out her many inspiring Mira(cle)Doodles!

Artwork Above: Creator of Miracle Doodles, Elina Puohiniemi at, Finland

Give Imperfection a Hug

Do you ever look at yourself in a 3-way mirror while trying on a bathing suit and think, “I’m fabulous”? If so, you don’t have to continue reading. It doesn’t matter how fit or slender you are, it is very hard to tell yourself that no matter what angle you see yourself, it’s perfect. Why is it hard to do? Because it’s not about being perfect, it’s about being happy with your imperfections, whether that is physical, emotional, or intellectual.

Think about translating this analogy of the 3-way mirror, to one that looks at your heart from many perspectives. Visualize yourself standing in the middle of a room, surrounded by staircases, much like an Escher print. The center, where you stand, represents your heart. Watch different aspects of yourself, climb the multiple staircases, which lead back to center. No matter what journey or staircase they climb, they always arrive back to the heart center.

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