Time & Movement

When I attended a Feng Shui workshop, I found out that my birth element was Big Metal, which means I have big ideas but need to keep moving or I get stuck. When metal is heated, it becomes fluid. When it is cooled, it can have a purpose.

It’s no coincidence that I display clocks all over the house and bought two kinetic sculptures just before this Feng Shui workshop. Maybe it’s no coincidence that my father was handed down the hobby of a clock and watch repairman from his father and it was part of what I took with me from his time on earth. 

There is this old watch repair desk from the turn of the century, that still sits in the basement of my parent’s house, now my brother’s. To the left of the workspace is a storage room. To the right is a workbench. I saw the two spaces as bookends to time. One represented memories of days past and the other created new ideas and inventions. Through my eyes, the desk represented the present moment.

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